Based in  Los Angeles.

The wasteland T.S. Eliot talked about is over…Southern California is in a drought…We’re not looking for pretty little words.

We’re looking for words that drown out the chitter-chatter, the noise, the empty-spells, the NOISE. Colors, textures, cries, melodies..

Los Angeles land of all skin colors and all classes. We’re looking for Los Angeles. Waste…decay…rebirth and all.

drylandlit_press started off in 2015 as an online literary journal. After one year of internetting, it was decided that that format was getting old and burned out.

drylandlit_press will now be publishing zines of its own creation alongside the online version. Read the current issue and archives [issues 1-3] to get to know us.

  • L.A. LIT EDITION – anthology showcasing the best lit we’ve published so far  (to be released July 2)
  • DANIEL – zine featuring writers & artists of color (coming soon)
  • soulcentral_la –  writing highlighting current events, politics, human and earth consciousness, personal spirituality, and activism (coming soon)


drylandlit_press is

Anna Ureña [editor-in-chief, founder] 

Michael Lorenzo Porter [Assistant Editor, PR]


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