“Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development”


According to Hodgkin’s

Law of Parallel Planetary Development,
like organisms of different origin points
will inevitably show the same
evolutionary traits as their
otherworldly counterparts. In living
room prime, exhibit A is romantically
concerned about the melanocytes
in his skin. Seeing his fair share of
local residents w/ vitiligo, he’s become
extra scrupulous about any/all
abrasions, unexplained whelts, pockmarks,
or general pigment discoloration. Living
room Beta’s tenant is white-washed, complacent…
Exhibit A is a hermit w/ perpetual
stomach cramps & shows a mysterious propensity
for tinea versicolor. This is not him in summer. Exhibit B
will sweat out all the toxins from the night before
isolated in a room for 2, forgetting the shower’s running
the entire time because his self-defeating,
squeaky clean persona is not a Broadway act
for the bathroom mirror.

On both planes there exists a bounty
of what they consider false hope & rest assureds.
But the hardest it will ever get for respected parties
is a weekend diet of pancakes & wine & the occasional
run in w/ racial profiling. W/ the majesty of broken promises,
these over-simplified tomes & self-sustaining insecurities, even
between 2 deeply subjective rifts in reality, you can find
both a subterranean & high rise appreciation for drawn out
lightning storms minus thunder-a muffled binary frequency,
a unparalleled, bipedal suspension of
adolescence no matter its tangibility. Both exhibits occupy
an uninhabitable dichotomy of over embellishment &
perplexity, this profound wanderlust for places they’ve seen
more than once. It’s a shared universal totem of
unfulfilled aspiration and if by some astronomically incalculable
chance they meet, both cannot exist [as is], serpent swallowing tail.

Exhibit A becomes what he fears the most, a carbon copy Uncle Tom.
Exhibit B’s newfound afrocentric approach is friction w/ no ratio of force.
There’s no point of return here…
The conflict exudes the relations between controlled stimuli & response.
Although future prospects are limited, adapting as well as can be expected
to their new personalities, it’s entirely conceivable their belligerent nature
will prove Hodgkin’s Law anything but fiction. It will be their ultimate drive
& soon, the doors will open again,
that parabolic curve will grade absolute

Frankie Met lives in Albuquerque and is the author of A.P.C., The Anarchist’s Blac Book of Poetry & forthcoming prose novella The Professional Donor. He co-founded Kleft Jaw Press.


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