“Shooting For The Stars In Kevlar”


We run
from hot summer days
and broken air conditioners

we run
to chilled movie theatres
make out like teenagers
who’ve never had sex
never been kissed by tender mouths
and never cradled
in the arms
of an unconditional love

we make our own movies
back in the back of the theatre
laughing like there’s no yesterday
yesterdays that begged us to stay
and tried to kill us
in our sleep
then chased us
in our waking hours
begging for salvation
and a hall pass

we are the bright spots in the road
found in dark alleys

a pair of lives
lived hard
treated hard
and discarded harder
and as we hit the pavement
we forgot that we were only playing
to the tune of songs
lead by a symphony
of sirens and howling dogs

can we believe that we can believe in love?
after we have let so many
put their unloving hands
around our hearts
souls and throats

x-drug habits
x-drug dealers
still trying to strike a better deal
with empty promises
empty pockets
and empty souls

open wounds
like bullets holes
as the winds blow through them
hollow and scarred
and that sometimes
most often
are unhealable

a catalog
of catastrophic events
shaped our lives
and sculpted us
into who we are
it doesn’t always mean
that who we are
can carry us
into who we want to be…

but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying
as we dry our eyes
while no one’s looking
in dark theaters
waiting for the next movie to start…


Iris Berry co-founded Punk Hostage Press and Words As Works with A Razor in 2012. She is a native Angelino, a musician, writer, publisher, editor, Author of 3 books, former ring girl for Mexican wrestling, and an indie film actress. In 2009 she received her 2nd certificate of merit and achievement from the City of Los Angeles for her contribution as a Los Angeles writer and Historian, and the charity work she has done, producing large-scale fundraising events. Berry is currently on the advisory board for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.





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