“The Jacaranda”


I could never truly capture what
was hidden inside of her. In the early
morning light it would shimmy around
silently until it trusted my gaze like a
timid kitten in a new home.

She who always felt unbeautiful,
no matter the praise of lips or the
lingering smiles that would always
lead to a single question, “What?”

Now watching the drizzle hitting the
April jacaranda tree, spilling lavender
blooms everywhere, I wonder who
truly ever sees the hidden thing?

Maybe another darkness cloaks
the similar shade until the cracked door
of love’s light is shoved open by desire.
The jacaranda is desire’s flame

jutting up around us like a litmus test.
Today there is just an old woman in the
soft light of dusk holding a dog looking up
into the head of the tree shaking her
face from side to side in disbelief.


Billy is a poet from Los Angeles Ca. He has served as poetry facilitator of The Beyond Baroque poetry workshop as well as the host of The First Sunday Open Reading. His first collection of poetry titled Eulogy to an Unknown Tree was published by Writ Large Press in January 2013.


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