Waterlily Jaguar-Found Papers and Lost Souls

(Three sections from Waterlily Jaguar-Found Papers and Lost Souls)


She emerged from the sea.

She emerged from Zeus’ aftermath
on the sea.

The sea combined with Zeus’ spillageSnake
and from that she emerged.

Zeus fucked the sea
and she was born
from that union.

She emerged from the black tar
like Tlazolteotl
filth around her mouth
to be converted to gold

impurities eaten
to heal
once a lifetime

her remains

the female skeletal remains
an exquisite
from the La Brea Tar Pit.



You confess to her
only once in your lifetime-

all is forgiven, eaten,
converted into gold.

She eats all that you have confessed.

She eats the black tar
from your soul.

Eruptions bubble.

She eats your filth.

Her mouth is stained


She lives in a tar pit-

at the bottom
the ocean floor
like Sedna-

raised from it like Botticelli’s Venus

She emerges black,
having begun to eat sulfur.

Bubbles emerge first
to show the life beneath.

Clean, forensic drawings,
show something else,
dead on paper.
It cannot be grasped.

Nothing can contain what it eats it.

She, her mouth,
the original black hole.

Her mouth
the beginning and ending of the universe.

She forgives.

She eats the filth.


I turn to her
kneel at the Vision Serpent
for a glimpse
her beauty terrifies
her beauty has no fear
or shame
her beauty
the filth of life.


Bitumen 2

In the dream
I always need to stop
the message is to stop.
To leave.
with an urgency
for breath
I awake
a fish out of water
mouth too dry.


In the dream
I awaken to chant
that I must leave
my true love
for whom I feel no love
urges me
until I awake
my mouth cracked
a desert floor.


My true love
for whom I feel no love
I wrote
on the previous page
I feel no love.

I feel that I must stop.
I must leave.


The problem.
I feel no love.


I confess nothing
my empty of nothing
my loss
my intangible anxiety
my empty hole that I cannot feel
that I cannot eat enough to fill,
that is in pain and I cannot eat

to be eaten
taken into an empty orifice
her mouth stained.

Melora’s art has been shown in Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin. Her poetry has been published by Writ Large Press, Finishing Line Press, and Serpentine Press.


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