“Power” by Jessica Wilson


I can imagine the earth in a field of words.
I make new ethics; blow them into the winds to meet the people.

I can influence the direction of the sparkling tide
by tapping my finger
on its surface.

In an exhale of sighs, I can signal traffic
to travel another way.
Flashing bulbs
of green and yellow merge from my palms.
They taste like nectarine
and nourish us.

I can blow the dust of glass
into new cities of neon lights
and dark clouds.

I am able to resist because someone has to.
If you question nothing,
why have a mind to think?

I can do something because I really never liked
waiting around
for a show to start.
I am the show.
We are the actors on this world-set of made up dreams,
fantasy nodes, truths we shear from the trees and towers.

We are the truth.
Let us show it always.
Let us be truth.

Jessica M. Wilson is a poet from East LA. Founder of the Los Angeles Poet Society, a curator of literary goodness. Serious Longing, her book, available from Swan World Press.


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