“Psalm” by Jake Bowman


Do not walk down streets of shame
Or stand in the way of those who do.
Never scorn sitting on sidewalks and
Watching the wrong go by.

Love the law of all in All,
Meditate day and night.
Be the tree who lays roots down
Deep beneath the arid crust.

Sip from waters flowing far below
And your boughs will bear fruit.
Every spring your leaves will green.
All things grow from God.

Don’t be a seed carried away by the wind,
Which herds clouds across the sky.
Then you will only feed the birds,
Yourself baked crisp in the sun,
Basking in the fire of our Lord.

Jake Bowman is a this and a that. He went to schools, then to work places, then he went back to school again so he could find more work to do. Then one day, he flew away.


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