“Melatonin” by Ruth Crossman


Your bed smelled like mold
but we weren’t sleeping on it
the sweat from your hair fell in our faces
sheets got even dirtier
but we were still not sleepy
we never slept well, even with the TV going
your roommate gave you gel capsules
the most wholesome pills I’d ever seen:
chamomile, valerian, and melatonin
the sleep hormone
it’s a proprietary blend, he gets it at the natural grocery
the bottle just says sleep in huge letters
I took 3 with no water at 4 am
and the moment they hit we softened
curling up like cats in a litter box
until I didn’t care about the mold anymore
or the taste of your breath when you kissed me


Ruth Crossman is an ESL teacher by day and a writer by who is night based out of Oakland. Her work has been featured on 3QuarksDaily and Oaktown Art Blog.


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