“Sugar” by Estella Ramirez

I know what you are thinking

when your eyes turn to me

the look emerging

without pretense

like ants turn toward sugar

as one entity

but you can’t see it

so you don’t know it

when it happens

You’re cute

you say

like you could squeeze me

my waist firm

but giving way to you

like custard

cute as in you want

to hold me

but I’m cute as in

I could climb

the peak of your eyebrows

cute as in

I could pull you apart

with a smile

on my face

and the pleasure

would escape

from your kutsinta mouth

erase everything

that came before

and I’d only be

returning the favor

cute you say

cute as in gold lamé wings

and actually flying

but I’m cute

like a cat who bites

your nipple

coiling and purring

kneading you

as if to nurse

cute like a crippled butterfly

wings curled

makes you want to keep it

safe inside

cute like you don’t

want to leave the bed

I know what you’re thinking

cute as fuck

because the ants in your eyes

are the stars in the sky

already dead

still shining for you

in my eyes

Estella Ramirez holds a BA in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University and an MFA in Poetry from Texas State University. You can find her in Los Angeles, near unusual trees, and behind amusing teacups.


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