“Victims of my errors” by James the Zombie


her hair is stuck to her humid
and sticky back
it started soft and flowing,
like the words
in my persuasive voice,
but now it is a cocktail
of the sweat and cum
we have been rolling in

there is a wet defiance
between her thighs
a separation of church and state
between her vagina and brain

the smell of summer sex
fills my nostrils
a thick and pungent
enchanting spell
bewitching me
causing a slight distortion
in my actions toward her

I fuck her with full abandon
of generosity as a lover
I am not a criminal
or a misogynist
but a libertine
I can only express my love
with a hand on her throat
in full control of her consciousness

embuggered* and with tear
filled eyes I give her the punctuation
to sex, and immaculate
pouring of my lust
from chin to tits.

with fluids flowing freely
from orifices
I only deny her love
and a towel

*having been fucked in the ass

My name is James the Zombie. 29. Male. I write poetry.  I don’t do drugs. I live a deep inner life. I have built a house from introspection.


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