Confession Box


Acrylic, paper, ink, dry erase marker

Drawn by the power of freeing one’s conscience – performance artist Kayla Tange provides a public neutral space intended to be a modern interactive confessional. Designed in two phases, the blind folded artist receives the anonymous secrets and lies of the participants. This, after a period of meditation turns to a public dialog when Kayla interacts with the messages and releases the power of the written words by exposing them on the wall of the box, reflecting her own conscience, for all now to see. In doing this, the artist not only brings people together, but also allows the participants to become closer to their own truth.

Originally performed at Rhabbitat Gallery in Los Angeles on February 11, 2015, this interactive experience exploring secrets and lies is intended to be repeated, but also re-envisioned around other social and political themes.

Photography – John Heinsen


Kayla Tange is an artist who lives in Los Angeles.  She uses a variety of mediums in her work and finds great pleasure, freedom and connection through performance and writing.