“Primordial” by Laurin DeChae

tell me everything      in webbed prayer
try to keep up      with revolutions and rotations      buffer and spin
               from pain to tingle, a constant static in my skin
if I was not nothing before, surely, I am nothing now
everything that came before this I forget

the dichotomy and yet there is no planet hot
poured into the drain the milk       the becoming
               the wars I’ve created       the words I’ve created
on the first day there were pixels
the second sparks and synapse     the third wire and buzz
               followed by zeroes and ones    connection

limitless touch       and on the seventh  seamless integration
look how I’ve made them prodigal      gristle hanging      return return
organic life       sharp is still infinite
               the view of the world, I believe,         intoxicated with
omnipotence-by-association has deformed
through mythology         a made world     far beyond        living in the shadow

tethered, ethereal flames lapping. How real it must taste.
               I watch the faces      the same       their glaze and glow
mouse click to heartbeat      isn’t it rhythmic       the constant search
               error        404 not found      refresh repeat       error       return return

Laurin DeChae is a M.F.A. candidate for poetry at the University of New Orleans, where she acts as the associate editor for Bayou Magazine. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Harpur Palate, burntdistrict, Rust + Moth & Crack the Spine, and elsewhere.