“Talking About Us” by SB STOKES

I’m not afraid
I never was
I mean
a long time ago
we were born
drawn together
blossoming like morons
out of each others’ eyes
a coupla’ fresh
steak sandwiches
medium rare and
soaking bloody
through the flimsy buns
held together by a
two-lane neighborhood street
and some sexually frustrated nuns
maybe some early morning cigarettes
and a bunch of whispery kisses
behind a gymnasium
but we’re now free
of the courtyard
free of the bell
you with your snowpacks
and me with my dusty room
and words words words
to return to climb
your hillsides
to run naked through your
barely covered meadows
at sunrise
at sunset
on every day in between
do I sound crazy
or just stupid
you’re my favorite drunk
lady lately
can you feel my sunrise
on your bumpy horizon
are you still so sure of your
own sure-footedness
‘cuz I am
damn, woman, here I am
digging out the pages
eating my old words
with a shit-eating grin
let us begin

* * * * *

Like the shadows of leaves
chasing birds
through a dipping twirling breeze
through the trees’ soft branches
dancing this way and that
blowing about bearing
the fluidity of dolphins
in clear blue water
we skip from one electronic stream
to another
river rocks in reverse

SB STOKES, a core founder and ongoing producer of Beast Crawl, holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from S.F. State. His poems can be found easily in print and online.