ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP / ISSUE 5: Poets In Unity - Responses to the Election of Donald Trump / LOVE. LOVED. LOVELESS. / POETRY / SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS

“post election:” by Jessica M. Wilson

Where has this day left us…
Interrogations in our own living rooms,
lighting fires and hanging ourselves.

America votes for a cartoon;
and unapologetic pasty Hitler, impersonating a human
at its own worst plight.

There is nothing I recognize in this air.
A stale breath has been cast in the “free world” to show us
what a demon in a silk tie can perpetuate;
reveal smiles and arrogance to cowarding crowds all unfolding at the mercy of capitalism.
We are all in the arena and the poor tigers have been led to greet us in our ignorance.
It is a slaughter– of this republic, this dying democracy
that’s no longer veiled an army green.

There has to be others who can see, see how cruel
this reality fades away the promises of individual dreams.
Wealth alone will run this country,
with greedy claws and a hungrier mouth that leaves nobody immune to its cavity.
We are all under attack,
and even more pitiful is the mass unknowing
and the grave fears we are instilling in our children
who witness the powerlessness of their parents, that still sink their teeth
and suckle from the dying land.

There’s no equality to pass,
no justice for race, gender, or soulful eyes.
What a calamity of the American dream;
raising and praising a monster welt up from the ass of hypocrisy,
to lead your tax paying traditions,
Social Security remedies,
fixed poorness,
degradation of the sexes,
and distaste for humanity.

Congratulations to your divine Holocaust,
the gavel beats you until you mutter in regret,
the sense of your fatality.


Jessica M. Wilson Cárdenas is a Xicana/Native Poet, Founder of the Los Angeles Poet Society. She’s a Beat Poet, MFA in Writing from Otis College of Art and Design, and BA in Creative Writing/ Art History from UC Riverside. She’s a Poet Teacher and LA County Area Coordinator for California Poets in the Schools, an activist and surrealist artist. Jessica is part of the world movement, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, organizing community events in LA; she also is part of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade in LA and dedicates her words to the freedom of Mohammad ibn Al Ajami, Ashraf Fayadh, and other humans being repressed and denied the right to speak their truth. Her new book of poetry, Serious Longing, is published by Swan World Press, in Paris, France.


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