ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP / ISSUE 5: Poets In Unity - Responses to the Election of Donald Trump / POETRY

“Guttermouth” by Sydney Meeker

We needed something to push out
America’s gunk: a universal diuretic
The Great American Laxative
After all those steaks and vodka and failures
America the beautiful became visibly obstructed
After all those long sad nights of looking up
At Daddy’s million dollar portrait
And, through tears, deciding that he
Would never lose;
No matter what it took;
He would make his dick
Bigger than his daddy’s
No matter what he took

He was made to clear our air;
He was made to surface our sores
His weakness, precise and powerful,
Made for a masterful guttermouth;
With it, he’ll spit the putrid american cum
For all to clean;
With it, he’ll show us the failing lands
That require their communities buried
With it, he’ll lure the sickly garbage from their filthy dens
And push it all where it may be swept away

With luck, this Guttermouth shall
Reveal the sludge in our people;
With luck, this Great American Laxative
Will encourage Lady Liberty to see
The greatest fucking Movement
She’s ever had.


Sydney Meeker studied at Oxford University for a bit then came back to SoCal for some sun. Through video games, newspapers, good ol’ fashioned US propaganda, or a couple of humble poetry magazines like The Spectrum, hundreds of thousands have seen his writing.


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