ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP / ISSUE 5: Poets In Unity - Responses to the Election of Donald Trump / LOS ANGELES POETS / POETRY

“Tissue Paper Thin Pages” by Chris Camargo

Get off your knees and take those hateful tissue paper thin pages of Leviticus and clean Trump’s cum off of your chin.

Is what I speak in shouts of major notes in favor of the screamers. Those beings that love riotously in the streets and bedrooms and anywhere else they desire.

When did you forget what a human being looked like? What differences exist when at the moment of conception we were all female then? …
~and I cannot conceive a definition of liberty that does not include autonomy over one’s body.

…And your patriotism is rotten with fear, but you call it love. Sad how some people love. No wonder you hate the girls who like pussy and boys that like cock and decide they don’t and later feel they do because the person those sinful parts are tied to has changed. They are human beings like yourself – exactly like yourself.

This is the People’s History of the United States. This is the next chapter. You are the vile parts that make the darkness deepest…

…but you don’t have to be.

It is a choice.



Chris Camargo. He is of nothing to note. He was born a burden and will soon die a failure. There is nothing good or valuable about him but in accord with his maladjustment or sickness he continues to try in a perfect display of what Soren Kierkegaard called faith.


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