ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP / ISSUE 5: Poets In Unity - Responses to the Election of Donald Trump / POETRY

“Domestic Enemies” by Benjamin White

Domestic enemies of the Constitution
Are dangerously close, and while citizens
Sworn to protect the right to bear arms

From imagined forces
Projected into reality

Real forces are projecting
Imagination into ways to control freedoms
And the rights covered under other,
Just as important – if not more so –
Amendments to the Constitution –

A Constitution for which I’ve taken an oath
At least seven times to protect
Against all enemies – foreign and domestic.

So now, I am compelled to respond
To the unconstitutional realities of social
Media messages that attack the Constitution’s
Principles I served to protect.

I served to protect.

I served
So others can burn the flag,
Sit during the national anthem,
Be proud of their socio-religious cultures,
Or stand up against a business venture
Pipelined through sacred water rights.

And in a system of representation
That has turned its back on representing,
And is not paying attention
To the same oath
The representatives have also taken,

How can I defend the Constitution
Against the enemies
Using the freedoms it offers
To undermine
The freedoms it offers?

BB White. AA, BA, BA, MBA, MA, MFA, EdD. “twenty years a-schoolin’ and they put you on the dayshift” -Dylan


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