ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP / ISSUE 5: Poets In Unity - Responses to the Election of Donald Trump / POETRY

“The Last of the Kind” by Laurinda Lind

(November 11, 2016)

Like everyone else I know of
I’ve had a hard time sleeping
since the election so I was
surprised that early this morning
I had an actual dream but I don’t
understand it, I don’t know if it says
how I can get through. In the first
part I shifted into a batch of

golden pieces of light but I held,
still leaning ahead. In the second
I stood on bleachers with everyone
I never graduated with from my first
high school and then realized
we were following each other
one at a time filling in for one
another so there was constant

lateral progress, a stepping down
to the next level so I would be
one of the last ones off the grid
exposed out there on stage. And
in the third I stood at one end
of a barge and at the other end
were two goats and in this gasp
or lack or air before the inauguration

I guess I have become something
new that I am confused by, sifting
down to just one of the hundred
hundred thoughts I have had
this November so I can be ready
to set off on an ark with the goats
whenever I need to go,
to become another country.


Laurinda Lind would still like to hold out for democracy. Some previous publications and acceptances were in Comstock Review, Mudfish, Off the Coast,  Paterson Literary Review, and Plainsongs.


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