“i can Trump my own diary entry” by Dimitri Reyes

Dear diary,

The prez of half – a – country called me
this morning                        (no surprise)
giving me my millions of thank you’s

for saving the world               (yet again)
with my red-headed greatness.

I told her I’ll have a whole country
and I love Super Mario, we should talk Nintendo!
I was no italian plumber but I can create “coin” faster
than any commie slipping down a pipe or messing around
on Rainbow Road. Still, those leppie looking gays are good income.

Do you like when I use the word “coin?”
Blacks and hispanics
are some of the greatest people I ever met.
They work cheap.
I paid Consuela to hang up my phone call.

Trust me—
and turn America on its head.
Our jobs will be kept from moving to Cancun
because that county is my timeshare                (and I’m not sharing!)

I. Am. Going. To. Make. America. Great. Again.
The DOW is loving me! And because of that
I’ll talk to whoever I want! Every soft browed,
blue eyed, bear riding, bare chested president,
every tight piece of Taiwanese spring roll
who owns half – a – country—

I’m the real boss dammit! And
I’ll have Springsteen renamed
when Chris Christie sucks
my toes                  (and likes it!)
and if you don’t like it diary,
Then YOU’RE FIRED too!

Lovingly yours,

Mr. Sexy,

Lovingly yours,

Your President Elect,

Lovingly yours,


Donald J. Trump

Originally published in Issue 5 Poets In Unity: Responses to the Election of Donald Trump.

DSC01676.JPGDimitri Reyes is a current student in the Rutgers- Newark’s MFA program. Developing his craft in the same neighborhood where he grew up as a Latinx youth in the historic “Forest Hills” section, he breathes in Newark and exhales his experiential meditations on veganism, being Latino, his eco- ethics, and living in the inner city. Dimitri has published in the Newark Diaries, HOWL, and Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.


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