Jan. 13 Open Reading/Lectura Abierta – Fuck Trump: A Night of Poetry, Defiance, and Love For Humanity


We are hosting an Open Reading/Lectura Abierta on Friday, January 13, 2017

We invite everyone — poets, artists, musicians, thinkers, radicals, listeners, seekers-of-knowledge,
people who want to find other people who feel the same way,
souls seeking other souls,
consciousness moved by consciousness,
people who have wanted to speak and felt they could not,
people who want to sit and listen and drink and clap and go home with ideas full to thebrim in their heads,
people who might be poets but have not yet come out of the closet,
people who might have only one line to declare prepared,
people who want to continue the dialogue or want to open it up for themselves for the first time,
people who wish to support through love, understanding, conscience, and action

An Open Reading/Lectura Abierta means anyone the mic is open to all. English and Spanish welcome. There will be SIGN UP sheet at the event.

TIME LIMIT: 5 seconds – 5 minutes maximum.

Lectura abierta, todos invitados. Español si si si! Va a ver una hoja para apuntarse en el evento.

LIMITE: 5 segundos a 5 minutos maximo.


Book Show
5503 N. Figueroa St.
Highland Park, CA
BYOB/Beer and wine will be available

Link to Facebook Event


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