“Sandalwood” by Elijah Tubbs

The sea foams turquoise
A gull’s screech staggers softly
I long for salt breath

It escapes like breath
Water sound on my eardrum
Tall grass in high tide

A woman carries
a basket on her shoulder
She says she loves me

I look up at sun
A cuckoo of birds leaves me
Oh oh oh sweet birds

Fever dreams of peaches
sweet on a sandalwood bough
Peaches tomorrow

Wind’s kiss on my mouth
reminds me where my face stops
Or is it begins?

A baby kisses
its mother’s breast like breathing
in and out in and out again

The woman who holds
the basket fucks me real good
I cry out Huzzah!

I peel the bark slow
to get the aroma right
My sandalwood tree

Everything perfect
happens underneath here in
sandalwood tree shade



Elijah Matthew Tubbs is co-founder of ELKE “a little journal.”Recent work is featured in Sonora Review, Connotations Press, Permafrost, and elsewhere. Elijah lives and writes in Arizona.