“Hope” by Dustin Pickering

This is the edge of hope
where curtains fall
and follow through with an actor’s murder.

Made, unmade.
Dreams to sit in the lukewarm water
of our friendship.
There are hats on the couch
and placemats on the dinner table.
Is it yet time?

Does time exist in the heads
of false witnesses?
Are our thoughts responsible for who we become?
Am I one of the few who ate the unknown
and took fallow hearts to lunch?

All things.
Considering the premise
of the rampart’s destruction,
my kiss is a semblance of passion…
someone is perplexed in this audacious night.

I linger toward opening the hissing battlefield,
and I desire that gems sink into my heart.
Perhaps only the best words are left unspoken.
We never knew each other.
Neither of us saw the path to hope.


Dustin Pickering is the founder of Transcendent Zero Press, the publisher of award nominated literary quarterly Harbinger Asylum. He is published in Texas Poetry Calendar 2016, di-verse-city 2013 and 2015, Pyrokinection, Muse for Women anthology, and Artistic Muse among others. He is author of the chapbook Salt and Sorrow (Chitrangi, 2016), and has self published The Daunting Ephemeral and The Future of Poetry is NOW: Bones Picking at Death’s Howl. He has featured for Houston’s popular reading series Public Poetry in 2013. He currently works as an office assistant for a home health company.