“A DIAMOND BIG AS A PLANET ” by Thomas Osatchoff

with Michael Lemonick

Looking out from ideas mistaken for eyes for one another

is time: a weird diamond
sponge beard
getting harder and full of emptier,

we are deaf ear tempters clenching diamonds because we come from black holes.

So suckingly drunk on ourselves. This is the meaning of sublime. Seeing only ourselves, spitting out diamonds

of ourselves for reality.

Folding water into so many holes.

Scalding water.

Solding water. Solving, dissolving,

we are soil soldering the blackness of the hole inside us

collapses forever

but the search is far from over

20 quadrillion miles away lies a star more massive than our movie star sun, and orbiting that star is a diamond.

How it works is that

a Jupiter’s worth of carbon offers a gravity crushing itself into crystalline form

closer, further, closer, further.
In about five billion years or so

our God may become a white dwarf corpse
and our year only a little more than a movie:

two hours long if it doesn’t collapse forever, it becomes

a diamond. Big as a planet.

A diamond big enough to quench us.

Thomas Osatchoff has resided in many places throughout the world where he has had the opportunity to develop his perspective. Writing these words, he is in Berlin; while you read these words, he is in Malaysia.