Food Reviews

“Cue Sticks & Chicken Grease” — Crawfords In Filipinotown



Not quite a dive bar, and not quite a chicken shack, Crawfords sits on Beverly boulevard, with its door wide open, welcoming anybody who walks by. We went in, with no expectations, checking out the place to see what was on the menu. We noticed that were no seats available so we started heading toward the door when Nikolai spotted some empty tables at the far corner of the bar near the pool table. We sat down at a small Pac-Man arcade station refurbished as a glass table. Little did we know that within five minutes of sitting down a cue ball would come flying toward Nikolai’s liver which he really needed for that night’s use (Anna had a laugh at Nikolai’s misfortune). When the spicy chicken came, it did interest us…It was a three-piece meal with a side of mac-n-cheese. IMAG2540_1The chicken was crispy and spicy—but some spots were burnt and the two wings were almost meatless (like the chicken we were eating must’ve had a sad existence and knew famine all too well).  And one thigh sitting on a slice of white bread that was apparently not for consuming as it had absorbed our meal’s grease and rendered it inedible. Even more disappointing was the mac-n-cheese. Which was just a bunch of watery noodles, not smothered in any kind of cheese, but sprinkled with something crunchy that we cannot define (might’ve been crumbs from the bottom of a Ruffles bag). The pool table was a little too close for comfort, Crawfords’ small space can be endangering if one is the periphery of anyone holding a cue stick—it’s definitely annoying when you’d have to dodge not only a bad date’s peering questions about your personal life but you’d also have to dodge the cue sticks Matrix-style. (A foosball table would have served this area much better and would probably cause less accidents).  The price was fair. The beer selection was extensive and priced decently. We’d go back for the beer but after having a meal elsewhere.

Crawfords is located at 2616 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057


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