‘SLEEP CYCLE’ Segments from the Art-Experience at CalArts

17015829_10104072977103084_8575272482002728753_oWRITTEN BY ARTIST LUKA FISHER

The night featured music and performances from: The Sixth Son, poet Tristene Roman, singer/songwriter Daniel Crook, poet Dove Ayinde, poet Sarah Gail Armstrong, performance artist Kayla Tange, Naked John, Chiildren, and from several audience members that felt compelled to give their testimony.


Video by Karim Meg

The audience laughed at Tristene Roman’s comical nihilistic cut up poems and cried more than once. First, with Daniel Crook’s  harrowing songs about being queer in small town America and then with Sarah Gail Armstrong’s accounts of the casual racism and systematic oppression that she and other black women are forced to deal with on a daily basis. The audience then danced to electronic death metal and covered each other in paint after performance artist Kayla Tange arrived.

The show consisted of eighteen mixed media paintings which were arranged intuitively into groups of three. The first segment “magic and ritual” introduced some of the shows themes: art as community ritual, sexual expression, performance as a form of transcendence, masculinity as a burden, etc. The next segment featured a suite of abstract paintings called “path” which featured waxes of my body hair that had been transformed into androgynous beings  and fragments from past interventions including my roommate’s struggle with her abusive boyfriend. The next sequences introduced individuals and forces that had inspired me and whose energies I draw on in my work.17017206_10104076148542494_8937097374105816076_o

The back wall featured a hundred plus drawings and photographs that were created while writing the ambient music that filled the gallery. That, along  with several diary fragments on the wall, three recent essays and interviews. In the interviews, I articulate why I make the work that I make, my struggle with social media and its oppressive policies regarding creative self expression, and my interest in using exhibitions as sites for community empowerment.

My group work is largely focused on helping others with their personal development and on presenting work that tackles taboo topics often from underrepresented voices through a variety of media strategies.

Luka Fisher. LA. artist. creative producer. russian translator. a&r for records ad nauseam. barbie guitar soloist.