“Sunday Boogie Down Beat Down” by Billy Burgos

A modern day black dandy
in a vintage dashiki and Prada kicks
is tapping on his ear piece. I meant to tell

him that Beats By Dre can’t cancel out
the ebonics of that modern day beat down bruh.
A rasta man is trying to swipe-left-cleanse it

with a dry stalk of sage but I meant to tell him
how this kind of evil is Hefty bag strong bruh.
Shea butter sista with the cowrie shell earrings,

you can’t smooth these stretch lines away with
elbow grease and consistency. The Sunday
boogie down beat down moves with the

smooth drumbeat, brown skin on brown skin tapping,
hips sliding in circles on a barefoot swivel motion,
moving this evil into a halo of dusky light and

somewhere a navajo taco is being held up
under a plume of evil as it moves curbside,
posted up next to the LAPD officers tapping

their holstered glocks to the same damn beat.
Its all the same drumbeat, beat down, with a
red logo to commercially promote this brutality b.
A beating is the same no matter the color of the fist.


Billy Burgos is a poet/painter/designer from Los Angeles. He has always had a hard time choosing which art he is most driven by so he has pursued all three with a similar (pedal to the floor) drive. It is all madness but in the process he has a poetry collection Eulogy To An Unknown Tree on Writ Large Press. His one man portrait painting show The Faces Of LA Poetry has been shown at The Mike Kelley Gallery in Venice Ca, The Last Bookstore in DTLA as well as at Ave 50 Studio Gallery in Highland Park. His work (both art and poetry) has been featured at KCET and in numerous literary and art journals.