“When he comes” by Adura Ojo

would we
grit our teeth for breakfast
say we’re angry with a
hand chorus or a



or just sit                                       on the fence


would we
dance shoeless in disturbia
sing an aria for the tea party
or hail melania

would we
hug the pride of russian dolls
seek solace in angry seas
find a way to build a bridge

or just keep still



Adura Ojo is British-Nigerian. Her poems have appeared or are scheduled to be featured in Acumen, Sentinel Champions, The Poetic Pinup Revue, The Wait (a poetry anthology for cancer awareness) and a host of websites. Her poems document what her diary once kept in a safe place. And she recently discovered the medicinal qualities of vodka. Adura’s debut collection Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs has a second edition recently published in April 2017, with new poems. She blogs at: ‘I write, therefore I am.’



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