“The Other Day” by Daniel Perez

The other day…
The other day…
The other day…

               “The other day—” is something a lot of people from my neighborhood can no longer say
For they no longer have yesterday, the other day, or today.
They are dead.

               I am reminded of this everyday.

               The other day I was in my car,
               on the corner where that one liquor store stands.
               You know, the one that’s a few blocks too far away from your house, it has a mural of the Virgin Mary and taggings from the local gangs.
So you hardly ever go to it,

               ‘cus there’s a closer one, and you know it.

               But this time you are in your car.
And you are there looking at the people who have gathered in the all-too-small parking lot.
It is night,

               not the dangerous night time or else you wouldn’t be there.
These people place candles and flowers.

               They just stare at the people who pass by.
               And the people who pass by stare without being noticed.
For we all want to stare, but we don’t want to be those people.

               Those people are the bad people.
               For those people have a lot of people that have no life.
They are dead or will be.

               No life, people.

               No Life People.

               But we all can sympathize.
‘Cuz we all can relate.

               You know, and I know
               people that can no longer say, “the other day.”


Daniel Perez lives in Inglewood, California. He stays out of trouble by indulging in any creative outlet that he can. He is a graduate from Cal State Long Beach. He is currently working on a short story book. On his off days, he creates stop motion movies. You can nd his work on instagram @dp2588.



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