“Two Fables” by Coyote Rooves


The chameleon was always falling in love with other animals. It felt in love with a tiger, then a bear, a snowqueen & many wild birds. Each time adopting their stripes, their feathers or their fur. Until one day it met another chameleon. And their minds went quiet. They no longer had to bend or adapt. And all was calm between them. Ever on the same frequency, they wore no masks & silent communication was easy & conflictless. The two chameleons fell fast in love. But they kept seeing other animals they wanted to be. Their desire to explore other forms eclipsed how well they worked together without having to try. They were creatures of change. And so they left each other alone. Knowing it was too good to be true, to be with an other you.


The statue wanted to move. It stood on the roof. The ghost came up from the stairway. The statue saw. They made eyecontact; the ghost looked away, chuckled a shadowy chuckle, and moved along the roof. The statue remained real still. The ghost turned its back on the statue. Looked out at the city. The statue wondered how the ghost would feel, if, with its back turned, the statue removed itself from its corner of the roof, so that when the ghost turned ‘round to look, the statue would be gone. And the ghost would be left. Without a clue. Without knowing where the statue was. Or if it had ever really been there. The statue thought this, then looked back. The ghost was gone. ♦


Coyote Rooves is alive, makes books & movies, & is just doing their best to be a good person day to day.



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