“Cuffing Season 2016 (or Driving to Meet a Date and Seeing a Ford F-150 with a Trump 2016 Sign Waving Two Big Ass American Flags Speeding through the Streets of an Arab Muslim Neighborhood the Night of the Election)” by Kamelya Youssef

exquisite danger
this matter of my heart
trumpeting itself
a troubadour in street
there my heart splashes about sewer rivers
hoping to catch a fish

each iridescent scale a dome
a shrine built for lovers to come
and my street fishing heart dances like a
fool in the
exquisite danger of a nation’s lunacy
the pied piper rolls down Warren Avenue in his
pickup truck

and we all remember Merkavas
trumpeting down our soft village roads
and here we came looking for safety

a skin for the drum
we beat as the moon comes to us full
reminding a                                 howling city, a nation:
the time has come
to harvest.

Kamelya Youssef is a poet, teacher, and student based in Detroit, MI. You can read her some of her work in Bird’s Thumb, THIS Magazine, and Mizna. Currently, she’s mastering the art of being in multiple places at once—that and ping pong.



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