“Sleep Hygiene” by Ingrid Calderon

skin wrapped round and round brittle bones
smashed organs touching graces

faces grim with laughter
capsule shaped ego-centric serenity

cause it’s cheaper than changing shape

too hard to break
to soft to bake

I can’t sit still

it’s easy to march through streets
when you ain’t got no job to keep
safe from all the wrongs that could wing across your gap

the one between your heart and groin
the one that slips and disengages
with the upward coil of your last cigarette

my last hope is to get ready for all that’s been predestined

cause free-will comes and goes depending on the season
depending on my reason

to keep momentum coming like some freight train running through my sleep

cause nervous systems cut their cords
and while they’re gone

I’m left a’ floatin…


Ingrid Calderon is a Salvadoran refugee residing in Historic Filipinotown. Her work has been featured in Drunk Monkeys, velvet-tail, and FORTH Magazine. She’s also released three full-length poetry books entitled Things Outside, Wayward & Zenith. When she’s not watching her beloved Los Angeles from the rooftop, you can find her rolling cigarettes, listening to records, and wishing her apartment building was pet-friendly so she could indulge in having a Russian Blue.



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