“#Hashtag” by Billy Burgos

hash tag black man
black man hash tag
easier to hash tag than
re hash black life
hash tag black death
re born re birth of black property
trees scream louder
than hash tag black man
easier to hash tag than real cry
over spilled black body hash tag
does not re kindle black life
black body as data
black body as owned ram
black body as owned internet stream
computer generate my death
click click on black blood
nullify black life click click on
hash tag black name nullify emotion
click click on death. click click on black
when is white death hashtag
when is white ever data stream
un hash my black life stream
un hash my spirit scream name
into ether and live un hashed


Billy Burgos is a poet/painter/designer from Los Angeles. He has always had a hard time choosing which art he is most driven by so he has pursued all three with a similar (pedal to the floor) drive. It is all madness but in the process he has a poetry collection Eulogy To An Unknown Tree on Writ Large Press. His one man portrait painting show The Faces Of LA Poetry has been shown at The Mike Kelley Gallery in Venice Ca, The Last Bookstore in DTLA as well as at Ave 50 Studio Gallery in Highland Park. His work (both art and poetry) has been featured at KCET and in numerous literary and art journals.



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