“Bromides” by Devon Balwit

Have a nice rest of your day, she says,
rain sheeting the windows, the hand-lettered
signs bleeding to inked tears.

Have a nice rest, she says, adjusting the IV,
sluicing my veins with sleep, the day that I
wish to see on the other side of the knife.

Have a…she says, trailing off, offering baked
goods neither of us wants, along with all
the casseroles in fridge and freezer.

Ha, she says. Ha to the bromide Time heals all.
Time sweeps back and forth, erasing what we love,
and running out the sand on the rest.


Devon Balwit has two chapbooks: “How the Blessed Travel” (Maverick Duck Press) & “Forms Most Marvelous” (forthcoming with dancing girl press). Her poems have found many homes, among them: Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Peacock Journal, The Cincinnati Review, Oyez, and The Inflectionist Review. She lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest.



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