ISSUE 5 – POETS IN UNITY: Responses to the Election of Donald Trump

Welcome to Issue 5 – POETS IN UNITY: Responses to the Election of Donald Trump


It is our mission to hold a space for voices of the oppressed, and it is important more now than ever to continue to use our language, our art, and our hearts to uplift and unify our people through whatever avenues we have available to us. We did not want to influence people’s perspectives by calling it “coping” or “therapy” or “post-election” poetry, words like these pacify the truth of the reality we find ourselves in. These are different times. Trump is not normal. We hope that our approach empowers people to continue speaking out, calling out evils and injustices for what they are, and finding wisdom beyond the rage (and self-pity).
We received submissions from all over the United States. Most of these pieces were published the same day they were accepted. Thank you poets.



“post election:” Jessica M. Wilson (Los Angeles, CA)

“troglodytes.” by J.G. Miller (Los Angeles, CA)

“November 8, 2016: Amerikkkans got just what they deserved.” by Henry 7.reneau, jr. (Lindsay, CA)

“He’ll Make America Great Again” by Simon Widdop (Wakefield, England)

Love Trumps Hate” by Savannah Solorio (San Bernardino, CA)

Fuck Donald Trump” by Matt Sedillo (Los Angeles, CA)

The Audacity of Survival” by Sydney Meeker (Los Angeles, CA)

The Morning After (Election Day 2016)” by Hiromi Yoshida (Indiana, USA)

Guttermouth” by Sydney Meeker (Los Angeles, CA)

I Hear America Screaming” by R.M. Engelhardt (New York, USA)

Go Ahead” by A.S. Coomer (Kentucky, USA)

Not So” by Rae Liberto (Oakland, CA)

Blind” by Craig Firsdon (Ohio, USA)

openly black” by b.g. thomas (Pennsylvania, USA)

A Price That You Have To Pay (An Immigrant’s Plight)” by Steve Baratta (Los Angeles, CA)

Tissue Paper Thin Pages” by Chris Camargo (Los Angeles, CA)

The Storm” by Craig Firsdon (Ohio, USA)

November 8th” by Janelle Fine (Colorado, USA)

Trumpence” by Matthew Sradeja (Ohio, USA)

Beyond November” by Nikolai Garcia (Compton, CA)

Domestic Enemies” by Benjamin White

how to survive in florida the next four years” by Jamal Parker (Pennsylvania, USA)

The Last of the Kind” by Laurinda Lind

untitled (go)” by Hannah Rubin (Oakland, CA)

What Will We Do” by Irene Monica Sanchez (Los Angeles, CA)

November 8” by Black Hamlet (Los Angeles, CA)

never asleep in trump’s america” by Hannah Rubin (Oakland, CA)

Apocalypse Wow” by Howie Good (Massachusetts, USA)

Give not dying in a nuclear apocalypse a chance” an essay by Matt Sedillo (Los Angeles)

i can Trump my own diary entry” by Dimitri Reyes (New Jersey, USA)

Our Autocracy” by Thomas Piekarski (Marina, CA)

Portrait of Modern America” by Maritza Ocampo (Los Angeles, CA)

Serial Liar” by Thomas Piekarski (Marina, CA)

Election Day” by Ian Holloway (Pennsylvania, USA) new

Post-Election Pantoum” by Danielle Evennou (Washington D.C.) new

Cutting Donald Trump’s Hair” by Robert Walicki new

No Time To Lose” by Sergio Ortiz new

Outcast” by Mark A. Fisher new

Exclusive Inauguration Day Post:

FUCK WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW, AND FUCK YOUR FREEDOM TOO #ARTWAR” An interview with Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba + Video Release of “FUCK YOUR FREEDOM.” By Tristene Roman new

The submission period for this issue is now ongoing as of 4/5/17.